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Moorea Seal
Moorea in the Moorea Seal Store | July 8th, 2014

Moorea in the Moorea Seal Store | July 8th, 2014

Last week I had a chance to visit my friend Moorea Seal's new retail store in Seattle, WA. Her and I don't keep in touch nearly often enough, but I have been admiring her successes through social media for the last few years and am always blown away by what she's managed to accomplish.

Moorea and I grew up in the same little town in Northern California. She's the older sister of a good friend of mine, but our friendship really began when she came to me to record an EP for her. She's a singer, a guitarist, and a pianist with a true talent for songwriting as well. 

She had early success as a graphic designer, and is also a highly respected Pinterest user that regularly ranks in the top 50 of most followed accounts. She's also a jewelry maker, and has sold her hand-made pieces on Etsy for several years. Needless to say, she's a jack of all trades.

Last year she opened the virtual doors on her online store,, where she sells carefully curated hand-made goods that, as she explained to me last week, "make unique styles accessible to everybody."

It was a tremendous success, so much so that when she began searching for a larger studio space, the idea of opening a store-front started to make sense. A store-front/studio hybrid space became available, and 2 months later, the Moorea Seal Store was born.

It's a gorgeous space, right in between the Space Needle and Pike Place Market in Seattle. Moorea has nailed the aesthetic of her online store, and it is filled to the brim with absolutely stunning hand-made jewelry, bags, scarves, art, and so much more. Moorea said that now about 30% of her business is from the store-front, and a lot of the customers coming in are followers and fans of her on Pinterest, Instagram, and other networks. Her social engagement is a huge part of what has made the brand so successful. 

If that wasn't enough, Moorea sets aside 7% of all proceeds from the store to benefit five non-profit categories, which include rotating charities that benefit animal causes, children's needs, green initiatives, and more. "Do Good, Do Great" is the company motto, and it shows.

Moorea now has several employees, multiple interns, and is an excellent example of what makes the Pacific Northwest community such a special place.

Congratulations, Moorea! Truly inspirational.

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